About Us



8 am on Friday 15th September 2000 marked a remarkable journey for a man called Charles Crawshaw in the name of World Peace. He had just completed a "LIVE INTERVIEW" with a national television station "TVNZ" in Auckland, New Zealand.
He was entering a recording studio in preparation for a fire show that night at Eden Park Stadium when a man stopped and exclaimed:
"Excuse me, weren't you the guy on TV this morning?"
"Yes!" said Charles.
Charles thought for a moment and then said:
"Now that you have met me, can I ask you what was your experience of me?"
The man asked:"Do you want me to be honest with you?"
"Sure!" Charles replied (wondering what was coming next!)
The man looked Charles straight in the eyes and said" MATE, YOU WERE FULL ON!"
and so BADGE ME UP was born.
For EVERYONE who dons a name badge,( made from BADGE ME UP's offices around the world), KNOW THAT EACH PERSON is standing for WORLD PEACE BY 2020.
Proud Owners who wear their badge exhibit the following attributes:

  • JOY
and fulfils Badge Me Up's commitment to causing WORLD PEACE BY 2020 by making the conversation VERY LOUD with all 195 country female leaders on this planet.